Developer Splash

Developer Benefits

No matter whether you are a professional software developer or simply a person doing it just for fun – you can greatly help us improve the quality of our products in exchange for excellent, and sometimes exclusive, benefits.

For example, we provide our developers and contributors with free licenses to our products. As we continue to expand our business, new offers will be available, including monetary compensations.

Developing for KO Approach

At present, our Developer Resources are solely devoted to improving and testing our flagship product – KO Approach. Developers can provide beta-testing as well as create user interface translations. The latter are then published on our Web Site and are available for free download.

We are planning to extend the topics covered here as future releases of KO Approach become available. For example, we are now working on an object model that would help developers create plug-in modules for the program, similarly to those already available.

Work when you feel convenient. In turn, we will try our best to assist you and integrate your work in our development cycle.

We strongly encourage you to check with our site periodically for being up-to-date with the development opportunities.

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