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KODO Atumi

Welcome to KODO Atumi, the next generation sliding-tile puzzle and brain teaser. Atumi takes the fun and challenge of puzzle solving to a new level by offering an endless number of combinations and custom scenarios!


KODO Atumi is more than just a puzzle; it's rather a tool for building your own custom brainteasers that can be adjusted to anyone's level of experience and desire to face challenge.

Although similar in principle to other sliding tile puzzles, Atumi is substantially different in that no two problems are ever the same.

The tokens are placed in a 5 x 5 to 9 x 9 grid (called the Atumi board) such that each column contains only tiles of a certain color and the tiles are positioned in serial order from bottom to top. After the pattern is randomized by shuffling, the goal is to return the tiles in the initial state by completing the least number of moves.

Atumi Tokens

KODO Atumi introduces a unique concept of complicating the puzzle solution by setting traps on certain fields. These are small numeric markers that are capable of altering the value of a token that enters the field where the trap is set. Traps are generated randomly for each puzzle; however, the user can control the trap density by selecting various difficulty levels.

Atumi Traps

The tiles are moved in rows (left and right) or columns (up and down). Each move constitutes a cyclical shift where the tiles that get pushed "off the board" re-appear on the opposite end in the same order.