Developer Splash

The Strings Section

The Strings section contains string data that Approach uses for setting the text of menu items, dialog box controls, and help popups. The XML representation of the Strings section is provide in the listing below:

  <String id="IDS_MYSTRINGID">My string value</String>

Each String has an Identifier and a Value. The Identifier is used to find a string and to map it to a particular program element, such as a menu item, window text, etc. The value is the actual content that will be used.

Developers should translate each String value into the target language. They should not change the string Identifier. Otherwise the program will not be able to find the String in the Language file and the default, US English, string will be substituted.

Multi-line Strings

Some program elements may be populated with strings containing more that one line of text. To create a multi-line string in your XML file, place the following sequence of characters:


It is strongly recommented that you use these characters instead of regular line breaks because the future versions of Approach might treat regular line breaks as a single white space character.