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German Translation Updated

by Kerido Monday, October 11, 2010 7:26 AM

We have updated the German language file for KO Approach 0.5 Build 284. Again, thanks to our great contributor Jan Schröder for his thorough work!

Cheaper than Ordering a Pizza

by Kerido Thursday, October 7, 2010 6:28 AM

We hope, you'll be as excited as we are! For a limited time, KO Approach is available for purchasing at less than one third of its original price. For KO Approach Basic it means five ninety five – cheaper than ordering a pizza! No hidden fees, no limitations, no nags!

You will get a fully functional license that allows you to unlock all of the functionality. Here's just a brief list:

  • Folder Menus for one click directory navigation
  • Approach Items for instant access to favorite apps, documents, and URLs
  • Titlebar Menus for CTRL+click parent directory hierarchy navigation
  • Unlimited menu depth
  • Previewing graphics and text files from KO Approach menus
  • WAV sound playback from KO Approach menus
  • Full support for contextual menus
  • The ability to copy to clipboard a file listing of any directory
  • Free upgrades

To sum things up, with KO Approach, opening files and folders is non-distracting, fast, and fun. And affordable!

Being honest, $5.95 is not the type of price I particularly like. The reason is: with the price less than $10.00 our payment processor takes 15% from every sold license, so we only get sligtly more than five dollars. Well, here's another deal: the Advanced license for just eleven ninety five! This is a great offer if you plan to run KO Approach on many computers.

But forget about money. We love our users. We love when they post feedback to us. It's great when their feedback is positive. If the feedback is negative, we do our best to learn from it. So please send us your thoughts even if you don't feel like paying. And have fun using KO Approach!

KO Approach 0.5 Is Released

by Kerido Saturday, October 2, 2010 5:58 PM

We are happy to announce the release of KO Approach version 0.5. It offers some cool improvements over the previous version.

Better Icon Handling

KO Approach now offers additional options that control icon handling. If you value speed over fancy look when browsing menus, you can now instruct KO Approach to display generic icons. These icons help identify item type (application, folder, or file) and consume the least possible amount of resources.

If you still want to see regular icons, similar to Windows Explorer, KO Approach now offers icon overlay support for shortcuts and items under version control. Plus, we have used sophisticated optimization techniques to speed up the process of retrieving icons.

Better Scrolling

Now you can see how many items are not visible in a menu. Scrolling arrows display a counter of remaining items to scroll in either direction. This also gives you an idea how many files there are in a folder. You can also control scroll arrow positioning. Scroll KO Approach menus faster, the way you want, by choosing one of three modes: both arrows at top, both arrows at bottom, or each arrow located at the respective menu edge.

Better Usability

We have improved the Options window to make it more friendly and more concept-oriented. It now consists of more intuitive categories: Features, Menus & Scrolling, Contents, Maintenance, Registration, and About. Everything is in place, although you may forget KO Approach is running as you get used to its handy features. We have made every visual aspect of the program compatible with scaled DPI modes. Should you choose 125%, 150%, 200% or even a custom DPI scaling ratio, KO Approach displays text and icons clear and sharp.

And, of course, there are other enhancements and bugfixes, so upgrade and have fun using KO Approach!