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Limitations for Unregistered Users

You can use KO Approach freely on multiple computers. However, without a License the program will run in Reduced Functionality mode and will be subject to the following limitations:

  • Four menus can be created at maximum;
  • Not more than two program features can be activated at a time;
  • The number of installed plug-ins is limited to two.

The program will also default to the Registration Tab when you open the Main Window.

In order to gain access to full functionality, you must purchase a License and activate your copy of the software. The process includes the following steps:

  1. Choosing a suitable License type and making a purchase;
  2. Receiving your Serial Number via email;
  3. Supplying the Serial Number to the Activation Service and requesting the Activation Key file.

Activation Key File

As a result of the above process, a small Activation Key file is installed in your KO Approach application directory. With this file in place, the program is unlocked and all functional limitations are removed.

Each Activation Key file is tied to a single computer, i.e., the computer from which the activation request originated. You can place an unlimited number of consecutive activation requests from that computer. However, copying the Activation Key file to another machine WILL NOT unlock a second copy of KO Approach.

Making certain hardware changes may also render your Activation Key file unusable. Please consider making hardware changes prior to activating the program whenever possible. If, however, the circumstances dictate otherwise and you are unable to re-activate KO Approach, please contact our Customer Service and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Choosing and Purchasing a License

Four types of Licenses are offered, varying in the number of computers on which KO Approach can be activated. If you are planning to activate KO Approach on multiple computers, please select the License type accordingly. Once you have decided which type of License best suits your needs, click on the Shopping Basket icon to proceed with your order. You will be redirected to a secure Web site so that your confidential information will not be visible to a third party.

License Type Price Number of Computers Per-Machine Cost Order
Order KO Approach Basic
Order KO Approach Advanced
Order KO Approach Premium
Order KO Approach Ultimate

Don't Feel Like Spending Money?

Devote a little bit of your time helping us improve KO Approach and spread the word about it, and receive licenses for free!

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