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Longing for KO Approach 0.4.4

by Kerido Wednesday, January 20, 2010 3:25 AM

We're working hardly on a new release of our flagship product – KO Approach. This release is going to catch up with all the new things that occurred to the Windows desktop computing world so far. The product is finally compatible with Windows 7 which will enable the users of this new OS to open files and folders even quicker!

Approach Items is being redesigned to display user-selectable items. From now on, this feature will be fully extensible allowing developers to provide custom content to Approach Items. As an example, we've included a custom item displaying a list of recently used commands from the Run dialog box. With these new concepts, the user will be able to better organize most frequently accessed items, files and folders.

We've added new options into Titlebar Menus to improve user experience. Browse the entire folder hierarchy, from Desktop to the current folder, with CTRL+click on an Explorer window's title bar. Instruct Titlebar Menus to order items as you like: parent-to-child or child-to-parent. The current folder can also be automatically highlighted.

As usual, Scope and InstantWave, the two companions to KO Approach, allow for previewing graphics files as well as playing sound files, right from KO Approach menus! And there are more plugins coming soon!

Approach will consume even less resources thanks to advanced optimization techniques. But most importantly, upgrading to KO Approach 0.4.4 will be completely free!