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KO Approach 0.4.4 Is Here

by Kerido Saturday, April 10, 2010 1:09 AM

It's been almost three months since we announced we'd be releasing a new version of KO Approach. Finally, it's here! And it's better than ever! A lot of features have been redesigned from scratch to enable greater reliability and future extensibility.

Improved Compatibility

We are happy to let you know that KO Approach is now fully compatible with 64-bit Windows, including Windows 7, and that all the plug-ins have been thoroughly tested under the 64-bit architecture. We've also put a quite a bit of effort into optimizing Approach to reduce resource consumption on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

KO Approach now has an improved look-and-feel. Menus are always rendered consistently with the Operating System, no matter which version of Windows you are running. Approach works great with the Aero theme, too.

Feature Enhancements

The Approach Items feature has been completely rewritten to support not only file and folder lists, but also custom objects that can be added to the menu. As an example, we've included an item displaying a list of recent commands from the Run dialog box. Just open up the Approach Items menu, choose Run, and fire up a command from the menu that will appear. It's a huge time saver for commands that you use most frequently! With extensibility in mind, we will be adding new handy objects into upcoming versions of Approach, as well as create new plugins implementing similar functionality. As a matter of fact, there are some experimental objects already under development!

We've added new options into Titlebar Menus to improve user experience. Browse the entire folder hierarchy, from Desktop to the current folder, with CTRL+click on an Explorer window's title bar. Set Titlebar Menus to order items as you like: parent-to-child or child-to-parent. The current folder can also be automatically highlighted.

New Plugins

KO Approach now ships with four plugins, as we have added two more plugins to the application package. These include  InstantTxt, which now has been extended to support multiple text formats, and a brand-new plugin, ClipboardAssistant. The latter is an extention to KO Approach's contextual menus which allows you to copy to clipboard the full path to the selected item, the path to the target of a shortcut, and even the entire directory listing of any folder!

As always, Scope and InstantWave, the two familiar companions to KO Approach, allow for previewing graphics files as well as playing back sound files, right from KO Approach menus!

Get a Free KO Approach License

There are opportunities to receive a license absolutely free of charge! If you know a foreign language and have experience in software localization, please help us deliver a version of KO Approach to your compatriots! We will compensate your time and effort with free licensing of our product.

For registered customers, the upgrade to the new version is absolutely FREE! Simply download and start enjoying all the great new features right now! Otherwise, the Basic license is only $19.95.