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  • Watch Approach features an easy-to-use Setup program that performs installation in just a few seconds.
  • Once installed, Approach runs in the background on your computer, consuming just a tiny bit of the system resources. In fact, you may even forget that it is running as you get used to it.
  • Approach ships with a professional quality Help file providing you infos about each aspect of its work.


  • Watch Approach minimizes the number of mouse movements that you should perform to access your files. You are virtually one click away from any file, no matter how complicated your folder structure is.
  • Watch The Folder Menus feature enables you to access any file from Windows Explorer. Just click on any folder in Explorer, hold down the mouse key and a menu will appear, displaying the contents of the selected folder as a list of items.
  • Use Approach Items to access your favorite items from the System Tray. You can arrange shortcuts to all your frequently used documents, Web sites, and programs in one customizable menu.
  • Use Titlebar Menus to browse directory hierarchy, from Desktop to the current folder, using CTRL+click on the title bar of any Explorer window.
  • Approach supports keyboard-based navigation and fast scrolling via Mouse Wheel for greater accessibility.
  • Approach sports a look that is consistent with your Operating System settings.
  • All aspects of the program's functionality can be customized via the Options window.
  • Approach is being constantly improved and updated to satisfy the growing needs of our customers.

Multiple Language Support

  • Approach is truly a multi-language product. Running Approach in your native language is just as easy as downloading a Language file and switching it from the Options window. You do not even have to restart the program!
  • Approach supports files named in any language thanks to UNICODE-based implementation.


  • Approach supports plug-ins for further enhancements. Use Scope to preview graphics files of most popular formats: BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TIFF, and WMF.
  • Play back WAV sound files right from Approach menus with the tiny InstantWave plug-in.
  • Preview text files easily. The InstantTxt plug-in displays thumbnails right from Approach menus.
  • The ClipboardAssistant plug-in allows you to copy to the clipboard the path to the selected item. For folders, it also allows you to copy entire directory listing.
  • All plug-ins are included into the installation package and come absolutely free!