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A Compact Menu-Based Program Launcher

One of the beauties of KO Approach is that it can be used as a menu-based program launcher. With Approach Items, one of the product's key features, you can arrange shortcuts to all your popular programs in a convenient menu. Now your programs are always with you – simply click the KO Approach Notification area icon, and launch any program you like!

Arranging favorite programs in a menu

KO Approach keeps your taskbar clean. The Notification area icon occupies just a tiny area of the screen, leaving all the space for real work!

You don't need to pay anything. Just download KO Approach and use it for free – as long as you want to. Yes, there is a subtle difference. When unregistered, KO Approach displays the Registration tab when you access the Options window. But the good news is: once configured, the Options window needs not be opened at all. You will literally forget if the Options window ever existed once you get used to the core features of KO Approach. Launch your favorite apps with ease – no nag screens, no fees!