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Keeping Your Desktop Clean

Ever seen a messy desktop? Ever had a messy desktop? One of our colleagues once had a desktop that looked very much like this:

Messy desktop

We think, there should be a much smarter way to keep your stuff with you on the desktop. Here are two simple steps to reduce desktop clutter and keep a lid on your stuff.

Step One – Categorize

Group your items the way you want, such as by topic or by project.

Categorizing items on the desktop

Arrange your items into separate folders. Now, this is where the fun part begins!

Step Two – Access

Use Folder Menus, one of the key features of KO Approach, to quickly access your data. Just click on a folder, hold mouse button pressed for a moment, and browse a handy menu with all your items listed.

Desktop with Folder Menus active

KO Approach will not only help clean up your desktop, but also access your data much faster. With Folder Menus, even a deeply buried file can be located in a fraction of a second. You can preview text and graphics, as well as play back WAV sounds – right from the menu! No annoying double clicks, no stacking windows!